Terms & Conditions


1. Preamble

The Company Alfasigma S.p.A., with registered and administrative office in Via Ragazzi del ‘99 - 40133 Bologna - Tax Code and VAT No. 03432221202 – Certified email: alfasigmaspa@legalmail.it  (hereinafter also referred to as the “Company” or “Alfasigma”) provides, users who request so, with access to the Features (as defined below) of the DoctorAsyou Portal (also referred to as the “Portal”). These general terms and conditions of use of the Portal www.doctorasyou.com (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions of Use”) establish the set of provisions and rules governing access and use thereof. These Terms and Conditions of Use shall apply and be effective vis-à-vis any user registered on the Portal (collectively, the “User” or the “Users”). Before using the Portal and its contents, the User is required to read and know carefully the Terms and Conditions of Use, accept them and, therefore, always abide by strict compliance with them.

The Portal is dedicated, more specifically, to health professionals, which may also be used by mobile, and aims to allow the search of medical and scientific documentation from public sources, conveying contents as a search engine and/or aggregator.


2. Registration

In order to use the Portal and its Features, the User shall first register an account (the “Account”) and provide data relating to him/her. The registration of the Account is essential to use the Portal and, failing to do so, the User will only be able to access any free access areas provided by the Portal.

In order to register, the user must be over 18 years of age and complete the registration process by providing current, complete and accurate information as requested in the relevant online registration form. By registering, the User guarantees that the personal data requested for registration purposes, the processing of which is governed by the Portal Privacy Policy, are correct and true.

The Account registration process initially requires the User to enter a valid e-mail address and password. The password chosen by the User must, for security reasons, be composed of at least 8 characters, including some characters, even non-alphanumeric (possibly without personal references), to be kept strictly confidential and not to be disclosed to third parties. The User may at any time retrieve or change his/her Password by following the instructions provided on the Portal.

The User acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for keeping his/her e-mail address and password confidential, which may not be transferred or used by third parties. The User undertakes to immediately inform Alfasigma at the following e-mail address mail@doctorasyou.com of any loss or unauthorised use of his/her e-mail address and/or password. Alfasigma shall not be held liable for any damage arising out of and/or in connection with failure to comply with this obligation.

Before completing the registration process, the User shall accept these Terms and Conditions of Use and read the Privacy Policy (both available, during the registration procedure and in the appropriate sections of the Portal). In the event of non-acceptance and acknowledgement of the such Terms and Conditions of Use, the User may not continue with the Account registration process.

In the event of a breach by a User of one or more of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Use, Alfasigma may, at its sole discretion, delete the User’s Account, remove or edit any content or access to the Account or carry out any other action that it deems appropriate.


3. Features available to registered Users

  • "Account setting" area is the personal page containing the personal data (user profile) provided at the time of registration and ”subject list” the area that allows the registered user to view and manage notification preferences and selected subjects’ list.
  • "Medical Development" area: dedicated to information on the professional training activities of doctors and health professionals.
  • "My Library" area that allows the registered user to view, manage and storage all favorite documents.
  • "News" area: containing the list of the latest medical - scientific news. 


The deletion of the Account by the User automatically results in the deletion of the User’s registration on the Portal.


4. Processing of personal data

The navigation of the Portal, the registration of the Account and its possible subsequent updating and the use of the Features, imply the processing by Alfasigma of the Users’ personal data.

For information on the methods and purposes of processing of the User’s personal data by Alfasigma, see the Privacy and Cookie Policy published on the Portal and also accessible through the User’s personal page.


5. Intellectual property

Except for publicly available information or the use for which the User has been authorised in writing by third parties, through access to the Portal, the User may not transfer intellectual property rights to the contents hosted on the Portal by Alfasigma as a mere supplier of contents. More specifically, Users are prohibited, in whole or in part, from (including but not limited to) using, reproducing, copying, modifying, publishing, transmitting, distributing, performing, viewing, downloading, licensing, entering into a database, using to create derivative works, transferring or selling all that is the subject of intellectual property owned by the relevant rightsholders.

Unless otherwise specified, all information which may be accessed through the Portal, including but not limited to images, illustrations, graphics, photographs, videos, texts, icons, drawings and writings and any other material are copyrights, trademarks, distinctive signs or other intellectual property rights owned, controlled or authorised by their respective owners and are protected by copyright laws.

No part of the text or graphics of the Portal may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, either electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, facsimile transmission, recording, adaptation or use of any system for storing and retrieving information, without the written consent of its owner. Each document published may contain other proprietary notices and copyright information relating to that individual document.

Alfasigma is the owner of the Portal and of the Alfasigma trademarks.


6. Links to third-party websites

Certain links to websites on the Portal enable the user to end his navigation on the Portal and link to websites, pages and content of third parties. Alfasigma hosts such links as a mere benefit to the respective third parties and this does not imply in any event the approval by Alfasigma of the contents to which the links refer.

The User is aware that Alfasigma: does not control, examine, verify, approve or is responsible for any material, content, service provided and/or offered by third parties, including those of their suppliers and sub-suppliers on their respective websites and sites linked to them; does not provide any warranty and is not responsible for such material, content, services; the User is solely responsible for materials, content, services accessed through third-party websites.


7. Accuracy and completeness of information

DoctorAsyou provides, for the convenience of users, links to the following external Internet sites: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed, http://apps.who.int/trialsearch/ and https://clinicaltrials.gov/ (collectively, the “Internet Sites”). Alfasigma is not responsible for the availability or content of the Internet Sites, nor does Alfasigma endorse, warrant, or guarantee the products, services, or information described or offered at these Internet Sites. Users cannot assume that the Internet Sites will abide by the same privacy policy to which Alfasigma adheres. It is the responsibility of the user to examine the copyright and licensing restrictions of linked pages and to secure all necessary permissions. Downloading DoctorAsyou data indicates the acceptance by user of the terms and conditions of use of each of the Internet Sites. For documents and software available from this portal, Alfasigma does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed. Alfasigma does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes, or services.


8. Duration - Unauthorised use

Access and Portal Features are provided indefinitely.

At its sole discretion, at any time and without notice, Alfasigma reserves the right to close the Portal, interrupt its access, use of the Features and Account to Users, deleting the data provided until the date of closure of the Portal.

Without prejudice to the right to terminate these agreements in cases provided by law or in accordance with provisions of the last paragraph of Section 3 of these Terms and Conditions of Use, at its sole discretion and without notice, Alfasigma reserves the right to suspend or terminate permanently the Account, access and use of the Portal to the individual User in the event that the latter: (a) does not provide or has not provided updated, complete, true, correct and lawfully held personal data; (b) uses or has used the Portal for purposes or in manners that are illegal or otherwise deemed by Alfasigma inconsistent with the nature of the Features provided, (including but not limited to transmission and/or exchange of viruses; sending or disclosing advertising; chain mail or pyramid-scheme mail; spamming or junk mailing practices; transmission and/or exchange and/or disclosing of unlawful material or in any way having racist, slanderous or defamatory, threatening, vulgar or obscene content); (c) violates or has violated these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Alfasigma shall in no event be liable vis-à-vis the User or third parties for the closure of the User’s Account and for the suspension/closure of the Portal.


9. Disclaimer

Alfasigma shall have no responsibility towards the User in the event of failure to perform its obligations, delays, malfunction, suspension and/or interruption when providing the Portal Features as a result of facts not attributable to Alfasigma itself (such as, for example, violation of intellectual property rights of third parties, (e.g., truthfulness of the information, malfunctioning of the connection equipment used by the User or incorrect use of the Portal by the User) or, in general, the occurrence of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances or incorrect use of the Portal by the User.

The User undertakes to indemnify and, in any event, hold Alfasigma harmless, at first request and without any exceptions, from any and all claims, applications, actions, costs, expenses (including legal expenses) or charges arising from the User’s failure to comply with the provisions of Sections 5 and 8 above, without prejudice to any other remedy available to Alfasigma in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Use and/or the applicable legislation, including regulatory legislation.


10. Suspension and Interruption of the Portal

Alfasigma reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the Portal in the event of congestion and/or overload of the system, as well as in order to ensure routine and extraordinary maintenance, without assuming any responsibility. Alfasigma undertakes, where applicable and possible, to disclose the planned temporary suspensions by notifying the Users by means of an adequate notice on the Portal.


11. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by the Italian law and interpreted only in accordance therewith. The Courts of Bologna shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions of Use, including those relating to its validity, interpretation, performance and termination, or otherwise related to these.


12. Updating of the General Terms and Conditions

Alfasigma reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time, in order to adapt them to subsequent administrative, economic and/or technical-managerial needs and to amendments to the applicable legislation, by notifying the User by email who will in this event have the right to delete and withdraw from the Account, as provided for in these Terms and Conditions of Use.